End of Year Lunch 2023 – Townsville Branch

The following message was received from Paul Ellems, President of

Townsville Branch of 31st Battalion Association:

Greetings to all members and those interested in the 31st Bn Assoc., 

we have arranged for an End of Year Lunch for the 31st Battalion Assoc

(The Kennedy Regiment), Royal Queensland Regiment.

It will be on:

  • Saturday 16th December 2023 at 12:00 noon, 
  • in the Function room alcove in the Star Graze section,
  • at the Cowboys Club, 335 Flinders St., TOWNSVILLE CBD.

The Cowboys Club is a great supporter of our association by giving us

regular raffle nights during the year. and a venue for our celebrations.

The Club has won numerous prizes for the high quality and good value

of its meals and service. Because of that, the Club is a very popular venue.

We have made the timing as a lunch so that as many as possible can

attend with a minimum of crowd and ease of parking.


It would be fantastic if all could attend.

All are invited and welcome to attend.


Please pass this message on to any of our members I may have missed. 

If you wish to attend, please advise me asap, as I need to advise the numbers.




Below are the important dates for 2024.


Commemorative Services and Important Dates for 2024  

(* marked – Assoc normally receives a formal invitation and requires formal association presence.)

(There is an open invitation to all Assoc. members to attend these services and our monthly meetings.)

Meetings are on the second Tues of each month in the Board Room at Townsville RSL.

·  Tues 13 Feb 2024. First meeting for Assoc in 2024.

Subsequent meetings are on the second Tues of each month.

·  Wed 14 Feb 2024. *National Serviceman Day
·  Thurs 15 Feb 2024. *Fall of Singapore
·  Fri 01 Mar 2024. Formation of Australian Army. Formation of Australian Navy. (1901)
·  Sat/Sun XXX Mar 2024. 31st Assoc. Townsville Branch Annual General Meeting and Assoc Lunch.  TBA. All are Welcome.
·  Sat/Sun XXX Mar 2024. Assoc BBQ at Museum.
·  Fri 29 Mar- 01 Apr 2024. Easter holidays
·  Sat/Sun XXX Mar 2024. Assoc BBQ at Burdekin
·  Mon 22 Apr 2024. Battle of Kapyong Commences (1951)
·  ????    ?????. Cowboys Raffle night
·  Thur 25 Apr 2024. *ANZAC DAY.
·  Wed 01 May 2024. Labour Day Holiday
·  Sun 12 May 2024. Mother’s Day
·  Sat/Sun xxx  Jun 2024. Assoc BBQ at Museum POSSIBLE
·  Sat 08-10 Jun 2024 *Battle of Porton – Possibly 31/42 Bn and 51st Bn Assoc and 35th Water Transport Transport Squadron.
·  ???    ????? 2024.  Cowboys Raffle night
·  Sun 30 Jun 2024. *National Servicemen’s Day.
·  Mon 01 Jul 2024. Reserve Forces Day
·  Sat 20 Jul 2024. *Fromelle’s Day.
·  TBA Jul 2024.  *31st Battalion Assoc BBQs at Burdekin.
·  Sun 18 Aug 2024. Vietnam Veterans’ Day
·  Sun 18 Aug 2024 *31st Battalion Association Commemorative Church Service
·  Dates TBA. 31st Battalion (Royal Queensland Regiment) Association Formal Dinner
·  Sun 01 Sept 2024. Father’s Day
·  Sat 14 Sept 2024. Australian Peacekeepers Day
·  TBA Sept/Oct 2024.  31st Battalion Assoc BBQs at Burdekin.
·  Mon 07 Oct 2024. King’s Birthday – QLD.
·  ???     ????? 2024. Cowboys Raffle night.
·  Thurs 31st Oct 2024. 31st Battalion Birthday 
·  Mon 11th Nov 2024. *Remembrance Day
·  Wed 18 Dec 2024. *Texas Terror Commemoration in Ingham.
·   Tues 11th Feb 2025. First Assoc Meeting for new year.
·    Tues 11th Mar 2025. Tentative date for 31 Bn Assoc Townsville Branch 2025 AGM for the 2025 year.