Battalion Recruiting Effort

Great to see a report on the 31/42 Battalion Facebook page outlining a coordinated recruiting effort across the various depots over the past couple of months.

Go Minotaur’s! —

Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton & Gladstone members were supported by Defence Force Recruiting to conduct four consecutive ‘Night in the Army Reserves’ at the relevant depot locations over the month of March and April.
Approx 40 potential candidates attended the presentations across the depot locations where Soldiers and NCO’s from the unit spoke about their experiences. The presentations were followed by a display across several stands including:
· Weapons (EF88, SL40, F89, Tripod Mounted MAG58 and 84mm)
· Living in the Field (Hootchie Setup, Sleeping Setup, and Ration Board)
· Equipment (Body Armour, Helmet, and Field Pack)
Available unit members participated in supporting this event including 31/42 RQR, 11ER, QUR & 11CSSB.
Concurrently over this period 25 members from these units, in conjunction with the 11th BDE Future Workforce Cell & Defence Force Recruiting attended the Unit Recruiting Liaison Officer training with WO2 Peter Johnson, in these various locations.
The nights were a huge success and this is a strong start for Recruiting, for the unit in 2024. Well done all involved

Pictures below were taken during the recent campaign: