Pierre and the People of Fromelles – France

The following message was passed on by the Secretary of the 31st Battalion Association Tony Wadeson:

Our Honorary Member resident in France, Pierre Seillier of Fromelles,  – A True Blue Aussie Mate, who, over many years, has helped out Thousands of Aussie Families with uncovering details of their loved ones, lost during WW1, –  Instigated an Appeal in Fromelles to help out their Aussie friends who have been effected by the recent Bush Fires around the country.

The Mayor, The Local “Cobbers School”, The Gymnastic Club, The March Club, The Remembrance -FWTN 14-18, & other local Associations, created events & made Donations towards the Bush Fire Appeal. The Local Cobbers School also sewed pouches for “Baby Joey’s”, & they wrote & drew messages of support to Aussie kids who lost their Schools to Bush Fires.

Remember Fromelles is a small Village in Northern France. However they have never forgotten how young Australian Diggers died in France over 100 years ago. In Pierre’s own words on his Face Book Notification:- Because I Love, – They Love Australia. 

This should appear in our local Newspapers throughout Australia to tell our communities about this small Village in France who have not forgotten Australia & are now contributing to help Aussies in their Hour of Need.

That’s True Blue Mateship, for you.