Maj Rod Golding RFD ADM

Members were shocked to hear of the passing in Sept 2017 of Maj Rod Golding RFD ADM (Rtd). Rod died suddenly of a heart attack while on holidays in South Australia.

Rod became OC of 31st Indep Rifle Coy from 1980 – 1981. It was a particularly difficult period for the 31st. The Unit had been reorganized to an Independent Rifle Coy in 1976, a victim of the Miller committee report. Under Rod’s leadership an increased emphasis training and on recruitment was starting to pay off as numbers slowly increased. This was eventually to see the unit restored to Battalion size in 1986.

Rod was a very enthusiastic member of the 31st Battalion association. in August 2017, just a few months before his passing he was one of the members who travelled to Townsville for the annual Commemorative Church Service and a dedication Service at Lavarack Barracks.

In a speech given at the August 2017 Commemorative Service, Brigadier Steve Graw said “Rod Golding gave me what turned out to be one of the two best pieces of advice I ever received”. He said “There are three things that a commander needs to do”, he said: “Make sure that the soldiers are fed properly, that they are paid correctly and that their training is relevant, interesting and challenging. Do that and they will forgive you just about anything else”. (The other best piece of advice was “bad news does not get any better with age” – delivered on three separate occasions by three separate Generals on the same pre-command course — so they must have meant it).

Rod’s funeral service was held on Tuesday 3 Oct 2017 at the Uniting Church, Albany Creek Rd., Albany Creek.