Southbank 2/31 Battalion Memorial

A short service has been held each Anzac Day at the 2/31st Battalion Memorial situated near the Maritime Museum at Brisbane’s Southbank Park. This service is held prior to the start of the main march through the City. Two of the leading proponents of the service in recent years have been Elizabeth and Lindsay Timms. Elizabeth’s father, Jack Lewis, was a Sgt in 2/31st Battalion AIF. Elizabeth and Lindsay’s initiated a blog/webpage dedicated to the 2/31st Battalion. A link to their blog appears in the “Other Interesting Links” sub menu under our “Round The Traps” menu item.
The 1st photo:
Is the 2/31st Battalion Memorial at South Bank where a Memorial Service is held each ANZAC Day.
The 2nd photo shows:
2/31st Battalion Veteran, Alf Cumberland (99 yrs) with 31st Battalion Association (Bris Branch)  members (L to R) Mick James, Secretary Tony Wadeson and Tim Lewis at the Service in 2017.
Tony and Mick were also there in 2018 with Alf and congratulated him on attaining 100 years.
Alf Cumberland served in Borneo with Tim’s father, Lt Aub Lewis. Mick is also wearing the medals of his father who served with the 2/1st Pioneer Battalion in Balikpapan, Borneo. They also landed with 2/31 battalion on 
July 1st 1945.