Awards to Members of 31st/42nd Bn The Royal Queensland Regiment

Well done to CAPT Nick Crosbie who received COMD 11 BDE Bronze Commendation from BRIG Mark Armstrong for his outstanding performance as ADJT 31/42 RQR during his tenure at the Battalion.

In addition to receiving his commendation, Nick along with the RSM WO1 Dave Harding and the OPSO MAJ Jeff Martin received their OSM at the 11 BDE Dinner for their efforts on Operation Resolute earlier in the year.
Outstanding effort by these solid operators and great night for the Battalion.

Capt Nick Crosbie receiving Comd 11 Bde Bronze Commendation

from 11 Bde Comd Brig Mark Armstrong

RSM WO1 Dave Harding Receiving OSM from Brig Mark Armstrong

Awardees of the OSM with Bn CO (L to R) RSM WO1 Dave Harding,

OPSO Maj Jeff Martin, Capt Nick Crosbie, with CO LtCol David Gandy